June 21, 2007

The Painful process of growing up...

It all starts with the wonder that is of birth! And then.. from the second you step into this world from your mother's womb, it's all about growing up!

You learn from the fall... only to fall again some other time, someother way!

It just keeps hurting you all along! The world's a cruel place... You get hurt yourself and then hurt all over again on seeing others getting hurt!

Oh! I wish I could just rewind time to 2 years back! Oh well.. but many of the beautiful gifts of these 2 intermediate years wouldn't have been mine!

I guess I should bring out some deep hidden inner strength and motivate myself to move forward!
It's tough.. it's trying! But well.. I got to try!


The Storyteller said...

Trying is all that we can do ...
Each moment of life has something special in store for us, something to offer, something to teach and we have to welcome it with open mind ... ready to learn ...
That is all about living ... and surviving!

And survivors are never losers :)

Good luck

ice_fire said...

I can so totally feel every single syllabul you have written.As one grows older more pain is experienced,more battles are fought. Its a tiresome process sometimes, but it has it rewards too.It leaves you with the biggest gift experience which you would have not otherwise gained.

Unknown said...

anything too much is bad.. any place over staying is worst. and that'z for age too. growing-up is enlighting if you could learn from experience.

life is always the same just that we change our views and expectations with time...

i for one feel the most blessed person on earth and that motivates me to cherish yesterday, enjoy the day and hope for better tomorrow.

life is fun but sure its not easy and ofcourse its not might to be.

Kush said...



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