April 24, 2007


A little more of sunshine
A little more of smiles
A little less of tears

A little more of truth
A little more of light
A little more simplicity

A nicer brighter dawn
Let a sweeter world, it be, if it can
Lots more laughter,
Lots more cheer
A little less of strife
in this lifegoo
Is all I ask you
Oh God, grant this prayer!

Listening to: Vellai Pookal ~Kannathil Muthamittal; A.R.Rahman


Anonymous said...

There are two types of poets. The good ones and the bad ones. The good ones burn their bad poetry and go off to run guns in Africa. The bad ones go on writing.And writing.-Eco(i think)
also Anne is priggishly angelic. and Montgomery writes to sedate her readers. been there. come back.

che sara sara said...
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Shiv said...

I liked the pic and the song!

Aravind said...

I read the first few lines, saw the flowers pic and was immediately reminded of "Vellai Pookkal" song...

Was surprised to find a mention of that song at the end of the post :)

Unknown said...

from GOD (within me - 'anbe sivam')) - OK your prayers Granted AND I hope you have sense, courage and time to notice the difference.

// listening to ** Love Birds — Nalai Ulagam //

Nithya said...

Splendid number..Vellai Pookal..I loooove that song, especially the portions involving the guitar..

"yengu sirukuzhanthai than kaigal neetidumo
angu thondrayo kollai nilavae
yengu manidha inam poar oyinthu sayinthidumo
angu koovadho vellai kuyilae"

I am in love with this part..the lyrics, the meaning, fabulous :)

Beautiful picture :) Did u click that pic ???

Aprilslady said...

awesome pic:)

Subramanian Ramachandran said...

A little more of width (in the sides),
A little more of a format,
A little more of a good title
Is all I ask you
Oh Sandhya, grant this request :p

chumma nee eluthuna flow la eluthanum thonichu........ poem is good.....but seriously poem maathiri athai treat pannalai nee..... picture ah around text wrap pannama thaniya vara mathiri vachirunthu, oru poetic look koduthiruntha wud have appealed more imho :)

Kush said...


legspace said...

yes...simple,beautiful...the so very things we yearn!!

Neha said...

nice :)

Dave G said...

Thanks for using my image, nice site keep up the good work... i'll be back in the future :)

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