March 17, 2007

A bitter-sweet Symphony...

Could I smile a li'l more?
Now that the joy has returned
After miles and miles of dry dirt
The tides have now turned!

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:) :) :)

This is to formally announce that The Dreamy Dryad has returned to the extreme state of normality after a whole 3-5(lost track) months of total hell!!! :D

And now I realise, as we always do only later, that I complicated my situation, made myself feel worse than I deserved to feel! Life's like that, I guess! We feel better about mishaps/bad moments in retrospection than when we actually plough through that ill-fated time! :)

I realised,also, that life's ironical in most places and it's a sort of taunt from God telling, "I gaveyou all you asked for ultimately. I may not have given it to you when you most needed it. But yes... I GAVE it! Now... take your pick! Either go for the 'new situation' that your mind has settled down for, or get back to the 'dream of dremas' that you'd always wanted."

But well, the 'dream of dreams' has lost its flavour for me... A single wrong move in my part had tumbled it all down... my castle was washed off by unwanted tides! I lay shattered, crying, depressed and disappointed. Then a new floating boat came... frolicking, merry and with a promise of a safe happy journey. I left my castle and took the boat. The boat wanted me as its pasenger unlike the castle, which said it had no room for more! I took the boat...

And now... a golden castle... much similar to the one I created is asking me to come take up the throne. My heart aches... that I can't go back. I want to... but I can't. I fear the castle will ruin me... will make me lose all self-respect, happiness and smile! I stick to the boat...knowing that there was a castle I could haveentered...but my boat was more precious! :)

Mad story, you say???
Well... It's EXACTLY what happened to me! :)
Now... no regrets. The boat is where I shall stay!

Good bye Ahmedabad... You shall stay as a fond unfulfilled dream... just like so many of mine remain! Never know how MANY more will get your fate... but yes... life teaches you how to handle broken dreams!

Good ol' Chennai... I stay in you... you've made me what i am today... Even though I want to go away from you in search of 'new greens that are to be seen', my next 3 years are to be spent in you.

I'm sad... that I'm growing up...buckling to the wishes of the surrounds! I want to travel... live somewhere else all my own- where no one has any preconcieved notions about me- and find out WHAT I really am?! I feel now like a puppet in many hands, sometimes!

Life keeps turningaround bends... Let's seehow many more bends are in store!

Here's wishing me a Happy 'Last few days in your Teens'! :D I'm not too keen on turning 20! Nothing can be as precious and as eye-opening as your teens! And now... I'll be leaving them forever. It's bitter to be growing up. Finalities approach quicker... I wanna live my life.... not sacrifice! hmm... Let's see... A new journey begins this March 21....

I've matured a lot... learnt a lot... and well... I'm happy this present moment with the bundle that God has given me! :) I wish life'll continue in this nice sweet way! :)

Good Luck Dryad! Be yourself No matter WHAT the world dictates! :)



Nithya said...

Wow Sandhya !! great to know u r back to ur normal self :)
And great to see another post (something other than a tag that is {No offence meant}) in ur blog page

Here's wishing u Good Luck in all ur endeavours
Birthday wishes in advance :)

Kausikram Krishnasayee said...

dahling dryad, you just wrote my story too...i am staying in the boat as well :)and the tide is now on my side :)

Soupsticks - supriya said...

sweeetie pie..... whate cute post....... soul stirring... a sequence of emotions it has kindled in me .. honestly superb

Vani Viswanathan said...

how come you write my story too?! and i can't tell you how I'm depressed Ahmedabad remains your unfulfilled dream.. but guess things always happen for good!
And dear girl, you stopped being a teenager when you started your 20th year! :P
[Isn't turning 21 freaky!?!? :O]

Sandhya Ramachandran said...

He he... I LOVE tags... and I guess not everyone loves it with equal passion! :D But yeah.. thanks so much! Life sure's better...but TOO much work still gets on my nerves!!! :(

Glad the tide's flowing your side! :D cheers!

Thankuuuuuuuuuu!! :D Glad u liked it!

I was hoping against hope to come there...but now...well...some things remain just a dream! :)
And NO NO NO....I am still 12 and absolutely REFUSE to grow up! :D he he... It freaks me out toooooo much!!! :( So I decided I'm just gonna BE 12 no matter WHAT the world says! ;)

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