March 20, 2007

19 blogs no more...

I love u 19!

You were the best!!!



c said...

happy bday da!

Nithya said...

hey Many more happy returns of the day..Have a bilaaassstt...ensaai...

aparna said...

happy b'day sandya!

Harish said...

Many more happy returns of the day :D

suraksha said...

Yappy Budday! :D

Soupsticks - supriya said...

happy happy budday

kausikram krishnasayee said...

free 20 is going to be suber

Who! me? said...

belated birthday wishes.. 20 eh? lol.. u'll get used to it!Enjoy 20 while you can.



rsubras said...

twenty...and joys waiting aplenty... life waits to be bounty..and u as usual remain jonty :)

TR style birthday wishes.... :D

Yuva said...

landed late.. but still..

Even though I'm invisible to you
you don't know me too
you have your friends & family,
the love for music by your side
Happy birthday stranger friend

May this one be the best one yet.
peace and love to you,
nice cash flow too.
Happy Birthday to you.

and May God bless you,
with good health,
family giving you their best
and another birthday on top of that...

Birthday reminds us age, is a limit we impose upon ourselves. Each time when we celebrate our birthday we build another fence around our minds. I wish you have guardless yet defended Life.

Revathi said...

hey!!belated birthday wisehs..havent logged on to orkut for awhile so couldnt wish u!!
hope u had a great day!!:):)

Suchi said...

been reading your blog for quite a while now...hope you had a great budday...wish you have many more o them:D

Sandhya Ramachandran said...

all of you out there!!!

Thanks a million for all your wishes and special words! :)


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