January 19, 2007

TAG- Ten things that define my style ... :D

Guess the Tag-bug has bitten blogsville!!! Shruti aka blunk;) has tagged me to list Ten things that define my style ...

Well... here goes...

I just love myself no matter what others say, what others see me as! It's just this confidence that I know who I am and that I'm a being of infinite capacities and gifted with a million opportunities is what keeps me so upbeat about life! I am self-assured to the point of infinity! I don't give a damn to others opinions most of the time. I am what I am and don't like to change my essential spirit for life until it genuinely harms another's life! :)I know I have it in me to rule the world! I know my capacities and disabilities and always know how to take that extra mile to kiss success! :D

2>>> I have a 'method in my madness'. My zone's ALWAYS cluttered but there's a sense in all the nonsense.

3>>> I can carry off anything- right from the most weirdest of jewellery(I have big fat gypsy beads and shell necklaces!) to all kinds of clothing- traditional(saree types! :P), casual(jeans and tops/kurtis/tees) to semi-casual(salwars, skirts, etc). I flaunt my style and am EXTREMELY snug in my skin! :)

4>>> I love writing more than architecture and proud to say that it'll ALWAYS be so! :) Someday the world shall read my writings and shall be proud of my words! :) Ah... My Alpine Path... :)

5>>> I love Italics and CAPITALS... I mean I love to emphasis my point! :D I am DAMN expressive!!!

6>>> I'll help people as much as I can! I'm very affectionate and prayerful and... sadly... gullible! Sometimes people take me on a ride and laugh when I fall flat and get up bruised!

7>>> I love to be in the limelight- love the stage, the mike, my voice, to sing, to dance, theatre, speak... ANYTHING! :) I have no inhibitions whatsoever when it comes to the stage! I just lurv it!!! :) I've compered cultural shows, seminars, etc, done running commentary for sports' days and even acted in plays(only school plays, sadly! :( ) and miss it all deeeeeeply now as, due to the lack of time in this course, I'm not able to follow up on these passions! :(

8>>> I am not modest and I don't regret it. I've tried a million times to be so but failed. I love to talk about myself. :D

9>>> I love talking, meeting new people, making new friends and TRAVEL!!! I lurvvvvvv travel! The ultimate aim in my life is to visit every single nook and cranny in this world!!! :) I'm more loyal than any dog! :D I GENUINELY care for people!

10>>> I am a die-hard optimist and very easily spread the cheer(as well as the depression! :D ) to people! I'm the official pep-talker for ALL my friends! My words, enthusiasm and smiles are infectious! :D

GOD!!! I sound like some egoistic narcissistic over-confident blab mouth!

But yeah... I AM all that I guess!!!


Now for the mean bit- I tag....... Akki, Arvind, Vani, Dhruvee, Vinesh, Harish, Prav, Hamsini, Rums ,Kausik,A.M.Aravind, Sagaro, Soups, Witchoo(ah! Revenge! :D ), Navin Anna, Shyam anna, Loonie, Charan, nanyaar,
Ramanujam, Raghuveer, Nirenjan, Rakesh and whoever else who wishes to take the tag!

And guys do drop in a word here when you finish the tag so I can come and read it! :D


Nirenjan Krishnan said...

Yep, mine's up @ http://www.nirenjan.com/2007/01/tag-10-things-that-define-my-style/

Ramya Shankar said...

What a taggy year it has turned out to be !
Your highness, the tag will be done soon!

Nithya said...

Hey Sandhya ! I've been wanting to comment out here in the Dryad Space for long..and so here goes.....

Ur writings are awesome. Perfect blend of all sortsa humane emotions. Gotta kno one thing after having read all these posts of urs...U R an extrovert bigtime....Keep such girr8888 posts coming.

btw Me is Nithya a regular 'Dryad page(S)' reader

S said...

very sweet! :D

i dunno about the other things, but no.10 i SO SO SO agree with!! :D couple of hours is ALL i've spent in your company, but that was more than enough for me!! :D :D

Sandhya Ramachandran said...


Pathen. Commentitten! :D Thankooo! :D

Vegam vegam!!! :D

that was flattering and really took me way beyond the stratosphere and shot me throgh outer space! :D

Thanks ever sooooo much! :)

Glad you like it out here! :) And hey... you're invited to take up the tag! :)

woweeee!!! Some awesome day! All nice nice things!!! thankooo Suraksha! :D And well.. as a return to your goodness, I invite you to the tag!!! :D

Hamsini said...

YAy for you!:) Done tag!

Anonymous said...

rofl. Thanks for the revenge move :D

Unknown said...

good one! appreciate people who talk candid! :)

Shruti said...

egoistic narcissistic over-confident blab mouth :D
sounds familiar

Anonymous said...

//I am not modest and I don't regret it. I've tried a million times to be so but failed. I love to talk about myself.//
Aahh! rare to find such honest analysis..

Anonymous said...

Guess this is my first comment here,but not my first visit anyway.
nice blog! :)

Revs said...

hey!!this is a great blog u have here man!! had real fun reading it..:):)

Aravind said...

point 7 is just me!!! I luv to get noticed!!!

jus saw that I was tagged!!
will do it in sometime!

Soupsticks - supriya said...

"I'm the official pep-talker for ALL my friends"

howw truueeeeeeeeee

Your voice does it all .... enough to keep me happy for days :)

Vijay Ramamurthi said...

btw..happy new yeaar

Adithya said...

With an optimistic attitude like that it wont be long before you hit limelight.. Its almost like reading my own mission statement (except when it comes to wearing gypsy beads and shell necklaces... I also dont wish to be seen in Sarees or skirts). Keep at it... look forward to reading your name in the papers (besides the blog here) Cheers!!

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