December 13, 2006


Nope... This is not a post about some spammer on the loose!!! :D I'vebobbed my hair... suddenly had an inkling to...went..cut it off!!! :D

Been getting mixed reviews-mostly negative! I don'tgivea damn! I like it...the world better!!! :D

Life seems positively nice now that I have crossed what seemed like a never ending sea called 'EXAMS'!

Just got lotssss of work now- dance, music practice, sheets to be done for NASA, chennaiist work, CPC meeting, Read the helluva lot of books lying at home, watch KANK, Bluffmaster,Charlie & teh choc Factory(new! already seen the old and loved it), American pie series(Dhruv...are u listening?! :P ), Mr.And Mrs.Iyer, watch the DOHA Asiad(caught snatches of it today and Lurvvvved it!), write write and write more, take more of my walks in the terrace, avoid the cell as much as possible AND the comp ANDDDDDD ORKUT!!! :D

Saw 'Mixed Doubles' and 'Yun Hota To Kya Hota' back-to-back today!!! Whoa man... wat fun!!! :D Mixed Doubles was fun... 'Yun Hota...' was brilliant! A masterpiece that didn't get its due!!! Really, every movie buff OUGHT to watch it! Also catch 15 Park Avenue and Shwaas- two brilliant movies!!! God..... I've been watching way too many movies! :P

To use a Vani-ism, this has been a total 'random' post!!! :D lol! Just wanted to key in stuff to mentally clear myself... my blog's become my pensieve! :)

Okie... tata now... gonna lay the bait to kill the rat that's torturing me and my poooor li'l comp!!! :(


P.S.: Will come up with serious grammatically-correctand decent posts soon!!! :D


Kausikram Krishnasayee said...

@ poor anon:
dude, can you teach me to make money by having fun? i am listening.......
@ sandy:
the first movie was called willy wonka and the choc factory

Anonymous said...

Hope I get to see the haircut, saturday!:) And I didn't like the new Charlie and the chocolate factory..I thought Johnny Depp was horrible as Willie Wonka!:O

And,good on you,for being able to minimise orkut+cell phone time!:)

Vinesh said...

the pictures of u in new haircut are not loading :-(

Rakesh said...

welcome back, me too doing just abt the same things, watching too many movies but old ones + listening to lots(lots) of songs. Waiting to read the grammatically correct post lol ;)

Haven't you got rid of that rat yet :D

Anonymous said...

sheets to be done for NASA ??!!! :-o ! ! high level shit, assault aa solre? or does NASA expand to something else? ;)

u should probably put up 2 photos side by side? before the cut, and after. ;)

Anonymous said...

hello madam... photo enga??!

Shruti said...

you're having fun!
:( i'm not.
i want to see your haircut.
bluffmaster is excellant timepass.
orkut is boring.
rats suck, yes.

(a totally random post deserves totally random comments methinks :D )

Anonymous said...

what's wrong with being gramatically incorrect? we're new world...we're propogating freedom of expression. as long as we get our point across in the most interesting way possible i don't think we're breaking any ya?

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