October 07, 2006


At 2 in the morning, when the world is snugly snoring under their blankets, architecture students like us would just have begun our designs! On one such occasion that fell day before, when yours truly had to start from scratch her nursing home design for an external review the next day, she had what could be described best by the post that follows…

It was one of the longest days in my life( excluding the last day of my North India tour at Ahmedabad when about ten of us stayed up for a straight 24 hours and the last semester design crit on a Students' Convention centre and the Study of the village of Vilivalam, Kancheepuram District (critical examination by University officials)). I had bunked college as I had not done even a little work on my design due to the fact that my kattaveral swathed in bandages was not letting me use my drawing board(sadly I should have bought a drawing table!).

From 9 in the morning I began to study the problem and piled up magazines, reference books, dictionary (I can't do without it! Its just essential… I'll suddenly find some need for it!! :D ), water, Wrigleys' Double mint(wow!), pens, markers, paper, butter sheets, A2 sheets, T-Scale, set squares and all other stuff around me. The room was a total mess! :D Not that it's anything else EVER! Being a strong believer of having a 'method in my madness', I believe in jumble-tumble! :D

Poring over my books with some of the loveliest songs playing on my stupid dumb CD player, the work I began at 9 did not end till 4:30 the next morning! It was really BACK-BREAKING!!! :(

At 10, I switched off my CD player and put on my radio. With a zillion new FM stations like Big FM, Radio City, etc, one or the other station always plays music. So you kind of escape the talking bit (which I can't bear generally, unless it's Radio Mirchi RJs! And then, Kadhal Doctor Shiva is an exception! I dunno why but he kind of irritates me! ). From 1 till 4:#0 in the morning, I listened to the most amazing music! Sooooo many nice songs… so many of my favourites played in continuity… I fell in love with music all over again! :) (but yeah writing and Dance still rule over music in my list! :) )

Music maddens me.. Takes me on a high… really! And warms the cockles of my heart! I was totally transported to a different plane at those unearthly hours listening to those FM stations dishing out mellifluous music!

Imagine at exactly 12, when the new day was just about to arise from the embers of the night, 'New York Nagaram' played! Wow…. I wanted to scream in delight! That 'hmmm…hmmm…" beginning sent a ripple of joy through my heart!!! :D

He he… I'm grinning like an idiot at the reminiscences of that second! It was BEAUTIFUL!!!!! :D Really… stepping into a new day with Rahman's music is like… sheer ecstasy! (Note: As I write this, 'Khalbali' plays on my comp! A.R.Rahman rocks!!! :D )

The best part is that I need music to inspire me to do design! And my design rocked! The external loved my approach to the design and concept! (There goes modesty into thin air! :D) Actually I think it’s the fact that I was totally happy that day that made me come up with such a good design! First, my friend had surprised me by calling me. I was thrilled! Then I had surprised another friend by calling and we had a great conversation going, My toe was normal and I was slightly dancing listening to the music( Actually all through the night with my ears plugged to the radio, I was swaying and doing my design and also singing. He he he… *giggle*) God… this is such a foolish post! ('Khoon chala' playing… God I'm elated!!) I dunno… I'm slightly high on life! Totally rocking life… everything back on song…(and my comp pplaying my most favourite song in RDB… 'Khoon Chala'…… )

I feel drunk in bliss!

I'm blithe!!! (Wish it were Blythe! ;) he he… )

Tra la la la laaaaaaaaaaa!!!


*bear with this nonsensical post. Happiness makes me giddy!!! ;) *

* PS: Dryad Songs…(my poetry blog) dryadsongs.blogspot.com updated….(Lukka Chuppi… :D on now… )



Kausikram Krishnasayee said...

there thats what hindustan makes you...check the words 'on a high' ,'I feel drunk' and 'blithe'...and when did you start on methylenedioxymethamphetamine?

Aravind said...

Hey Sandhya,

I have listened to late night programs on Mirchi and Suryan, once... so nice... such beautiful songs, which are never played during the day time...

BTW, un kattaveral epdi irukku? ;)

ck said...

I don't think this post is foolish.It's those small things in life like a good movie or a favorite song or a call from a loved one give so much joy in life and make the other mundane things worth going thru.

Most of your posts are child like and straight from heart. They sort of make to revisit my college happy-go-lucky days.

I am glad you did good on your designs and had a good time creating it.

Good luck and keep writing all these "foolish" things :)

Soupsticks - supriya said...

satyamaa wish it was blythe .... though nothing can be as beautiful as byrd ..with the y....:)

yours kindredly

(Ps ... summa... .i love to finish off everything with yours kindredly )

Soupsticks - supriya said...


methylene ok dioxy ok metham ok pheta ok MINE??????????

yours?? drunken monkey


Anonymous said...

Thaks ever so much for answering our tipsy freind Kausik's question! he he... Kausik.,.. YOU seem to be the one on methyl watever crap! [forgot my Chem with XII! ;)]

Glad tat someone else also has had an unearthly sojourn with music in the night/morning! :) And kattaveral totally fine! :) Thankoo!!!

Wow! That was flattering! yeah.. i guess my writings are kind of kiddish and vulnerable and joyous! Cos that's how I am... easily pleased by the most simplest of gestures/sights/smells/sounds! :) And the kid in me refuses to grow up! :D 19 still feels only 16! :D

Soups again...
he he... u understand gal!!! :D and yeah...Byrd would be my other choice too! ;)

Soupsticks - supriya said...


err....mistake didnt mean to call you a drunken monkey ....just wanted to call you a .......drug addict



did u learn the formula for ecstasy( popularly called MDMA) in 12th ?

radiantbear said...

Music makes me move, so does inspire.

Nice to know that your designes rocked.


Kausikram Krishnasayee said...

formula for ecstacy? go join hindustan :)

Soupsticks - supriya said...


spelling of ecstasy ? ask kausikram


Sandhya Ramachandran said...

Kausik.... :D Poda... u the J's!!! un lodha Velammal-la ID COD pottu thaan eppovume thiriyanum! Our coll is semma cool! circular vandhalum naanga kekkamattom! :D

Thankoo... ana nee kekkara moosic-um naan kekkara music-um diff! ;)

No inglipich music for me! :D


Adhenna MDMA? :O And yeah... akusik won the spelling bee! ;) lol!

Anonymous said...

And here I was thinking that the late nights ended with first sem! *headdesk*

Congrats on your design!

Abhi! said...

Nice post!!
MBA students also work best at nights. in fact all night :-)
Good luck !

Anonymous said...

night outs were common during college. now its when will i go home and hit the bed times, except, of course weekends.
good post

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