September 11, 2006

@ Blogcamp

What did i like the most about Blogcamp?

* Rajesh Shetty's 'Blogging for a global audience'. I especially loved the following words of his:
"Stand for something; else you'll fall for everything"

I also loved the way he spoke- very casual yet reaching out to everyone in the audience! He mentioned a really funny definition for 'blogger' which his friend came up with:

Blogger : Someone with nothing to say, writing for someone with nothing to do!


* Sunil Gavaskar's very from-the-heart talk.

* taking autograph and photograph with Sunil and Chinmayi! :D

* Interview with Chinmayi. My God she's SO down-to-earth and very forthcoming about her views! Truly a wonderful person! :)

* Talking around to people... Making new friends... catching up with the new ones! :)

* Presenting 'Oh my God! What do i blog next???" :)

* The QUIZ!!! and winning three audience prizes! Come on... It's not everyday that happens!!! :D

* The freebies, the food, the tea,coffee and lemon tea! :D

* The place... very nice ambience! :)

* The brilliant organistaion! :) he event went off amazingly!!! :)

well.. I TOTALLY loved the Blogcamp!!! Just wish that more people had turned up!



Aravind said...

Sandhya... u are making me jealous :P
too bad i missed it, though i was in chennai for the weekend :(

radiantbear said...

I dint hear your talk:(

The Talkative Man said...

just curious..what were the prizes? :)

Kausikram Krishnasayee said...

@ vayadii manushan

5 star choc
and a royal handshake :)

Anonymous said...

* The freebies, the food, the tea,coffee and lemon tea!

y do u always think of food stuffz??
lot more things happened in blogcamp...:P

John Sekar said...

hey.. liked your blog.. check mine out.. i wanted to attend the blogcamp.. but the newspaper said something about entries being limited to 200 ppl, so i dint try...
btw, which college?
(and im a die-hard chennaiite too ;-))

Anonymous said...

Great reading that entry .. btw. what did u present at the blogcamp. I was there, but didn't get to hear u out. Psssst... do check my blog too.

Anonymous said...

so damn i wish i had been in chennai to attend the blog camp :( :( :( :(

I checked the schedule out in the website...but felt really unfortunate for not being able to attend.

Nehow, mebe you could share some light on what you learnt there...wacha say??

btw,a a first timer here...was blog hopping and landed here buddy..!!

Sandhya Ramachandran said...

*U SHOULD have come!!! :(

Unna adikka aalu illa da!!! X(

The Talkative man

U got it wrong! :P

Poda loosu!!! :P

HCE-la I'm doin Architecture. :) and u missed the blogcamp man!!! It was damn good fun! :D

Karthik Prashanth...
I spoke on 'Oh My god! What do i blog next???' :)

i lernt some stuff abt podcasting... chk out bothack's blog. they have the details put up there! :D

Anonymous said...

Thanx for publicizing BotHack.

BTW does Anooda blog???

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