May 08, 2006


It feels so nice to be back again into Blogsville after a brief hiatus... It feels like i've gone prowling about the world and had a wonderful time but ultimately feeling the best when the feet touches familiar ground. You feel a strange sense of peace and happiness... yet you don't seem to get just the right words to express it!

All that apart, Today was an eventful day... I properly felt like an adult when i cast my vote! It felt soooooo good to see the blue indelible ink on my index finger! Like an excited child who's been given his first foreign toy, I keep looking at my finger again and again, gurgling with happiness!!! :D

It feels so good to have been a miniscule tool to help decide my country's political powers! It's not the kind of thrill I get when I win something or when I get published... That's a sweet dear ripple of delight that sprints from my toe to my head! This thrill is one that warms your being and makes you feel at peace with the world as you'e done your duty and how proud at having done that!

I'm glad glad glad... Like Polyanna i could keep chanting 'glad glad glad' forever!!! It felt nice to see my 80 yr old Thatha all excited and ready at 7:00 in the morning to accompany me and cast votes. And what do i see there? Almost a hundred people have cast their votes before us and a hundred in the queue! A queue comprising of grandmas with bent backs and taking post-operative treatments! I was so proud of all of them present there. Whoever influenced them to vote or whoever they voted for- i don't care! All that matters is that they came, bothered to exercise their right to vote!

No matter where i am in this planet,i've decided to ALWAYS try my best to cast my vote unless the situation is unhelpful!

My exams are round the corner and i've not even begun to study! Will be blogging on and off... Thank you so much for staying around and encouraging me and even threatening me to blog! Felt REAL good you all cared so much!

HUGS!!! >:D<

Take care all... And DO EXERCISE YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE!!!

Jai Hind!
P.S.: Maybe I've become slightly rusty in my writing! Do grin and bear with me. I really hope my incoherent string of thoughts will reassemble in time and dish out something worthwhile!!! :D


Vani Viswanathan said...

And I've never ever seen a vote ballot paper!

Subramanian Ramachandran said...

@ vani - try putting kalla vote in singapore ;)

hey nice and thought provoking post... amidst general conception that youths are interested in beer, pub, mobile, chatting ,dating alone, i feel so prooud to see many ppl thinking and acting for the society :)

Kausikram Krishnasayee said...

@ vani:
you will never see one too! its EVMs here ;)
@ sandz:
appa!! finally .....

Rakesh said...

good i also voted for the first time. It is great to know that your one vote can become the hope for a whole country. and welcome back to blogsville, i was waiting for your return. ;)

prithz said...

hey... was just blog hopping and found ur blog... no wat.. i too voted for the first time today... Felt really Indian and a sense of pride after voting... Cool post dudette..

c said...

oi . Welcome back and next time dont go away for SO long.. k? felt pretty awsome to vote yes.. never realised its such a simple process and ya- it IS a duty for every eligible citizen to vote.

Neha said...

hey!!! welcome back!

Sheks said...

welcome back.u call a one-month break,a "brief" hiatus?

abt my right to vote,i dont feel ashamed tht i didnt vote.the Election Commission must be,for not incorporating my name in the rolls.

rusty in writing?i dont think so.ur same old style's intact.

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