March 18, 2006


Life has been so beautiful, so simple and nice the past month that I've hardly felt like blogging. I went for an amazing trip to kancheepuram filled with so much joy that i am hardly able to string words to write something about it. It erased all the negative feelings and emotions I had bottled up in my heart and helped a burst of colour to flood it with its sweet memories.

I've NEVER had a better trip in my life!!!

After the trip, a lazy, laid-back feeling has taken root, that refuses to let me do anything! All i do is talk, message, write(in my book) and listen to music. Don't feel like blogging. it's not exactly a writer's block cos verse and words are pouring forth into paper. So guys... pl hang around. I'm jus now off this mode and beginning to get back, after a brief hiatus, into blogsville! I promise to be more regular from now on!
Take care. love you all! :)

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