February 09, 2006


This piece of writing was conceived soon after watching the beautiful movie ‘Kutty’ by Janaki Vishwanathan. A poignant portrayal of child labour and child trafficking, the movie truly touched my heart.

Kannamma a.k.a. Kutty(a brilliant portrayal by Swetha), is a little girl brought into the household of Ranganathan(Ramesh Aravind) after a pampered childhood under the kind care of her now deceased father Paavaadai(Nasser), a potter. After her father’s death, her mother Eshwari Rao sends the kid to Chennai to take care of Ranganathan’s second kid to aid his college professor wife, Kousalya. Life seems new and beautiful to Kannamma, brought to the city by her Valli akka and Mama.

Things change when Ranganathan’s class-conscious other, M.N.Rajam walks in. She illtreats Kutty and influences her grandson, Vikki, to do the same. No amount of yelling and pleading by Ranganathan and his wife changes her attitude.

Kutty suffers acutely and pours out her woe to a fellow servant-maid, who is herself being molested by her house-owners. She also finds a benevolent and kind heart in Nadar(Vivek), the nearby shop-owner, to share her troubles.

Kutty’s carefree days in the village are replaced by days filled with over-work and her fear for the evil paatti,M.N.Rajam, mounts; so much so that, she attempts to flee back home.

The ill-literate and gullible Kutty falls into the hands of a deceiving paanwaala, involved in the flesh trade, who sells her off to a pimp in Bombay. Kutty, unaware of her plight, and dreaming of a beautiful homecoming, embarks on her journey with innocent excitement and childish joy, hugging the food parcel that paanwaala ‘anna’ gives her! The movie closes frame here…

It is so heart-wrenching…I can’t come to terms with the fact that man stoops so low to kill a child’s innocence… to cruelly and knowingly thrust a life of horror and shame!

How CAN someone, in the first place, ill-treat a kid? She’s a small girl of ten, made to work non-stop, without enough food to even give her the energy to work!

It is so sad to think that while all of us have the privilege of enjoying a wonderful life, filled with comforts and with such modern amenities to communicate our thoughts to anyone else in the world, little innocent kids like Kannamma get ill-treated and cannot raise their voices against such atrocities!!!

Unquestioningly, she trusts the scheming paanwaala. Such happy thoughts seem to run through the crystal-clear eyes that look out of the train to Mumbai… God, I couldn’t BEAR to look at those eyes!!!

How COULD someone do this to a KID for God’s sake?! How could someone sell a little kid…deflower her…kill her innocence…make her suffer…crush those young dreams? How? I can’t seem to comprehend!

I really wish I could do something against such happenings! The paanwaala calls her a ‘mottu’(bud) and yet sells her off to some lust-hungry son of a b****!(pardon my language!)

I hate the fact that I share this earth with such lowly corrupted individuals who destroy others lives when they have no right to! It is better to even kill a person than to leave them worse off, living!

God… it pains like hell! Why do we have it easy in life while others around us suffer? I’ve decided, I should do something for these kids when I begin to stand on my own feet. For now, I shall pray for them. I want everyone of you, to pray too…

This life’s beautiful…we’ve seen it only that way! We’ve not been the victims of child molestations or child trafficking or any such crimes that man commits against man! We’ve had innocent carefree childhoods, not marred or tainted by any such obscenities! I wish and pray for every child born on this beautiful earth to have such similar joys, such simple pleasures and to have a right to there lives and the way they want to mould it.

Please… if you know of any such crime being committed, stop it! Raise a voice. We are social beings and should be conscious of what’s happening around.

Let every child have a lovely childhood!

Let us not stoop low and eat the filth and dust and muck! God save the children!
And big congratulations to the people who came together to make this beautiful and soul-stirring movie!


Anonymous said...

Amen to that!!! The first step is to be sensitive!Just goes to show what a powerful media movies are!

Vani Viswanathan said...

I'm yet to watch that movie...but Anu's told me what a moving one it is, and she'd written about it sometime back too.
Talking about the child sex trade, I'm reminded of a news report we had here...it talked about how India's becoming a haven for child sex traders now that Thailand has taken steps to curb it...it said that Mumbai and Kerala are especially popular...it was heart-wrenching to read it!
One of my friends asked Kalam when he came here what he thought of it - and I think what he said made a lot of sense: it all starts from home, make a man a good citizen, and everything will be fine.
So where do we start?!
If there's something in our power that we can do, I think we must start rightaway!!

Sheks said...

i watched the movie some months ago in TV.very poignant.there doesnt seem to be a permanent long-term solution to this suffering,since independence and till now we've had 15 prime-ministers and more than 3278 elections.

this country may be free from the clutches of aliens but it's now struggling at the hands of its own people.

neighbour said...

i watched the movie long time back in 2002. This is the only movie which bring down tears from my(our) heart..

I never forgot the lyrics from ilaiyaraja of the last song when train start

"தங்கச்சி தங்கச்சி எங்க போர என்கிட்ட சொல்லாம எங்க போர

சிவப்பு விளக்குக்கு நீ போக தானா பச்ச கொடிய காட்டுரானோ"

Childhood.. this is the age where we enjoy the life with out any distraction and responsibilities.. what ever you face in that period will be reflected in you future..

If that is ruined then life is miserable..

Sandhya.. not only this flesh trade runied the childhood there are lot of things like . child abuse.. involving them in some unlawful activities.. etc

Child abuse-- Now the rate of this is increasing even in schools.. what to say abt it..
" veaaliyae payira mengha kadhai thaan naama orrula nadakudhu"

I accept all your thoughts regarding this and this is the same feelings that we have in our mind when we saw that film.

kuttichuvaru said...

I havnt yet seen the movie but heard a lot abt it!!! really something tat needs the attention of the concerned ppl!!! cant agree more with u on the point:

"Let every child have a lovely childhood!"

Childhood is the only time wen u are unaware of the cruel world out there!! it shld be a pleasant journey for evry kid!!!

Sandhya Ramachandran said...

I agree... I'm glad this movie was made cos that's how it touched me so much!!!

Those lines of APJ were too good! I agree... Everything starts with ourselves. WE should raise a voice...WE should make sure people around us are cultured!

Very true... We're ruining our very future citizens!

Very glad that you think the same way too! By the way, why am i not able to see the Tamil fonts?

Totally! Denying a child a lovely carefree childhood is a crime worse than murder!

Subramanian Ramachandran said...

hmmm *sigh* I can only sighhh sandhya... is that enough..if having feelings is enuf i have lots of them....... but i want something more to be done......... child abuse is the sickest thing any moron can do.... watz the punishment those ****** are gonna get.hmmmmm....

neway i havent seen Kutti movie or Kaadhal kondein flashback....... i dont want to too.... if i cud see a movie that stir up my emotions and make me do something effectively then there is a meaning to it.

atleast save a single child / a girl from such exploit there is a meaning for my existence i shud say :)

Anonymous said...

Cruelity on children is indeed very tragic and unpardonable. Children and Nature are god's gift to mankind. One has to laud the efforts of organizations like cry.

neighbour said...


right-click on the webpage- blogpage goto encoding menu.. goto to the popup menu and select Unicode(UTF-8).. May be this will work..


Sandhya Ramachandran said...

R SUbars...
I wish i REALLY could do something for that one girl...

I'm glad you think the same way!:)

It works now!!! :D Thanks

Unknown said...

me has just heard the story :(

indha padathula oru scene shooting enga iskool-la eduthaango...enga ma'm 4 paer nadichaangoo...idhu only me know abt the movie!

legspace said...

i have not watched the movie but i think readin ur blog was enuff...:)
but seriously,its something we need to think about before whining away!

The Talkative Man said...

There's something all young people(esp students with no family responsibilities can do). There are hell lot of NGOs like www.aidindia.org which work with street children. You dont have to be a full-time crusader at all, even if you can devote 2 hrs a month for small tasks like reading/writing, it will go a long way. Check out people like Dr.Balaji Sampath(DAV/IITM) who talk about the yeoman service done by college students here:


Ramya Shankar said...

That sure was a heart wrenching movie! State of affairs is sad indeed. I wish ppl wd stop talking and be more action oriented.

Unknown said...

wow! i want to see this movie for 2 reasons. one, how things have been portrayed and the characters. and two, for the fervor it has created in you. hope it lasts long enough for u to do something about it :-)

Anonymous said...

wow... grt blog sandhya... u seem to hit a perfect balance of humor and serious issues in your blogs... kudos to u... :)

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