February 14, 2006


She stood there near the compound wall talking to the cute neighbour kid of hers. Siddharth was talking very excitedly about how he had come first in the running race in his entire eighth class! He was positively delighted and his chubby round face was all flushed, recounting the excitement.

Krithi stood listening to his tale with a smile on her dark face. She was not what you would call beautiful but had a striking personality that sometimes lit her face with such a fervour that people recalled her as a extremely beautiful person! This however, very few people had the privilege of seeing!

Yet, Krithi was a loner. Very few people could get beneath the hard to break-in exterior and get to know her. She had two other school friends; other than dear little Siddharth who was a kindred spirit and best friend! She was in her final year college, doing Electronics and her chief worry that day was that her friends had mocked her for not having a boy friend!

Krithi did not want one and her friends found this strange and stupid! They thought she was putting on airs and trying to hide her embarrassment for not having any one to go out with on Valentine’s Day which was the next day. They thought that she was plain unattractive and that she was trying to hide this by acting disinterested.
However, she did not know why people made such a big deal of having/not having a boy friend! Personally, she was just not interested and that was the plain truth!

But the fact that her friends had made fun of her, hurt her and a little sigh escaped her lips! Siddharth noticed it and asked, “Krithi akka…What happened? You look very upset?” His face shrunk in mock sadness.

“Hmmm…Nothing da! Just college tension!” she pushed away and for a few seconds thought, “Maybe I really am ugly and that’s what they are trying to tell me through this! I don’t care about this whole stupid Valentine and getting a boy friend! But I DO NOT want to be ugly! An ugly creation of God when I so admire beauty in life…?” She sighed again!

Little Siddharth was looking at her intently and thought how pretty and beautiful his ‘Krithi akka’ was and he thought he must do something to cheer her up! So he asked “Tomorrow is Valentine’s day right? What are you doing?”

Krithi laughed and teasingly pulled his ears saying, “You little one… Started all this now only? Look at you…talking like one big boy!”

Siddharth laughed and said, “What’s the big deal? So tell me… What are you doing?”
“Why, Nothing! What about you mister?” she asked teasingly.
“Well, nothing! I just wanted to ask you to be my valentine tomorrow akka! You’re such a sweet akka and my best friend. I want to treat you! I have saved up. Let’s go to the ice-cream parlour, okay?”
Krithi was sweetly surprised and totally thrilled at the dear words of her little friend! She was moved and said a yes with a smile.
Siddharth was eated! “Yay! I’m going to run straightaway to Rohit and tell him that you said yes! Wow… I’m going to have the most beautiful and sweet valentine in the whole world! Bye Krithi akka…” he exclaimed and ran away smiling!

Krithi stood there smiling… “Well, if a little innocent boy thought me beautiful and sweet, there is no better praise I need!”
She walked back home with a smile…

*** Just wanted to wish you guys a HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! You’ve been bricks! Thanks for being there ma friends! :) And I din know wat to name this post!!! He he…***


neighbour said...


External beauty will not lost long in front of the internal beauty..

If kirthi had lot of boy friends(Not suppose to be lover) He may realise that guys mostly luv the inner heart not the external beauty..

BB said...

first timer!

good one!

Vani Viswanathan said...

So how was the 'date' with Siddarth for Krithi?

Kausikram Krishnasayee said...

thtz the true spirit of st.valentine, valentine died for love in friendship, for platonic love .......wonder why it is getting misinterpreted

Unknown said...

a very very beautiful post!...Is Krithi akka for real???

Sheks said...

thank god we were bricks and not brickbats.

BTW happy valentine's day to u too.Hope u had a blast!

Ramya Shankar said...

Happy belated V-day to u too. College chairman out nu kelvi patten. Leave polarkku! Ensoy!! Enakku andha madiri oru siddharth kidaika maatana!! Hmph!

Priya Arun said...

So cute! :-)

candic said...

Nice blog...

Nandhu said...

was that a short story?

Anonymous said...

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writing helps you to stay alive..nice line!!

Heii, why not take a look to my blog: (http://comeonroy.blogspot.com/) & tell me where I need to improve. Most important, maybe you can also get something new & interesting stuff…..maybe!!
Hoping to hear you..

Harish said...

Cute one..
Its always like that..we dont know...HOW TO NAME IT :-)

Rakesh said...

happy belated valentine day wishes but for those in love its love throughout the year...

Vasu the terrible said...

Being beautiful is such a huge obsession with this world isnt it.. ?

Even Fat bastard in Mike Myer's gold member wanted to lose weight..

just an ob.


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