November 28, 2005


I’m a leech
Clinging on
To old memories
Broken bangles
Forgotten tangles
Lonely wanderings
Sweet nothings
Sunshiny smiles
Childish wiles
Broken hearts
Their scars and marks
Joyous times
Nonsensical rhymes
Little boats of thoughts
Streams in and out fast
Divine presence
Unknown silence
Lovely gurgling laughter
Lonely desolate after
Holding on to past
As day after day does pass
Can’t let go fast…

[For people like Harish and Vinesh, who never seem to understand my ‘portry n pome’ here goes an explanation…

I’m this clinger to past with its cart-load of memories and objects reminding me of bitter-sweet times. I’m happy and sad about my past being a part of me. I want to let go but I cling and where I have to cling, I let go! And I’m all about my past because that’s what I’m made of- my past and a little dream about my future. Never living in the present. I’m expressing my angst and surprise at this helpless state of mine and smile and sigh at once about it! ]

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