November 28, 2005


This post is dedicated to Vinesh for a suggestion he gave long ago to write about my dreams…

Can’t I dream? Is it wrong to dream when you know you will fall? Is it wrong to be so dreamy? Isn’t it nice all the time you let your fancies soaring… touching those star-spangled skies, those cherubic clouds?

It is so nice to leave your body behind and let the soul do a jig in cosmos... Wow... I love those little dreams I weave out of the silken chords of my imagination-wild, fanciful and precious; and those silly ones that invade my sleep. He he… speaking about the silly ones, sample these…

A senior of mine came as a plumber in my dream and was repairing pipes in my terrace and later doing a celebrational dance when he successfully repairs it! And it turns out that he indeed is good at plumbing. I was creeped out!!!

My school principal escorting Rahul Dravid and Sourav Ganguly for flag hoisting during Independence Day(strangely held in an empty desert!!!) while my dear ‘sister and companion’ Nithya and I tail them for a long time. After a while, losing patience, we call out to them only to see actor Naazar and some other guy standing in place of Dravid and Ganguly! Seeing our puzzled and disappointed expressions, Naazar explains-‘Naanga Mask pottuttu irundome!’(we wore their masks!)


My buddy wearing a lungi and lounging in an easy chair like one lazy bum when I gate-crash into his house. Then taking me to his terrace which is full of dried fallen mango leaves. Then I leave my slipper in his house ( dream-layum vida maateengudhu pa indha slipper saga! And incidentally, someone pinched yet another pair of slipper and two other pairs came apart and I got them stitched- one as far away as Thiruvanmiyur and another as near as my next street.) My father and I then travel in a boat from his house and visit a number of temples which have attached stationary and papier shops!

My cousin and I jumping over mountains, caves and monolithic ancient temples to met Madhavan who suddenly gets transported to my cousin’s house and signs on a bed sheet!!!


The entire world has been kidnapped (by heaven knows who!) except for my father, his friend and I. We jump out of the window of the house and everybody’s returning with bags and baggage, Sachin Tendulkar being one o the first to be released. In the end of the line, Rahul Dravid’s waiting with his bike. I hop on. He takes me to a house and Rahul Dravid turns out to be my science teacher’s son!!! :D rotfl!


A guy with a knife following me on the main road! Scary!!!!


My family traveling to China, where I get lost, to be found by actress Sri Devi to be restored to my family! (This dream came twice)


Tushaar Kapoor being my neighbour!!! Lol!

My bestest dream being me on board a wooden boat, out in the ocean with the blue blue blue all around! Nothing else in sight… just blue and I’m all thrilled and gasping with joy! Wow…


I imagined waiting in some place and eating a weird jelly-like sweet before I get to meet Rahul Dravid. Hold your breath…a couple of years later, I DID wait in a similar looking lobby and I ate the EXACT kind of sweet before I met my demi-god, demi-bro idol!!!! Creppy, eh?


And my self-created dreams…
My land of moonbeams
My lonely sojourns to reverie land
My silent stupid silly impossible romantic tales
My dreams of achievement in the future of all my set goals…
He he... When I first learnt that if you repeatedly visualize something, it’s sure to happen in reality.(It works, trust me!), I visualized quite a number of academically oriented stuff- journalism at ACJ, First in XII etc. The first one may happen, who knows what I’ll do after B.Arch (mostly M.Arch only to become a professor but I may revive my journo dreams). Second one sure didn’t happen!!! He he… I can only look at it with a smile. It’s laughable but sweet and childish!

Ah… dreams are such pretty pretty things…like the pale frills on a pale blue frock.
Lovely lovely lovely dreams…

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