September 18, 2005


(A filler post till I get over my creative block. This was an entry to ‘The Sundaram Fasteners, poetry contest. I didn’t win. But this poem gave me a lot of emotional satisfaction…)

I sigh
It’s been a weary day.
My limbs are aching
Hunger comes in the way

My bus goes on its rickety journey,
Back to where there’s food and rest waiting
I look out through the window,
Lifting my droopy dead eyes, out into the city
Out into Chennai’s cityscape
Painted; at the same time alive
Buzzing and peaceful
Going about its work…

The sky is all gray with clouds
Outside looks so much better a place to be!
The earthy-rain smell makes me go high!
I smile, I relax, I look out and see…

There the wayside tea-shop sales
Are roaring on, like the gale.
The brown concoction steaming,
Creating abstract art forms
On the canvas of air.

There the lady with the pink umbrella
Stands, awaits the bus.
The evening sun is setting down
And home beckons with its work and fun

Here the lonely cycler walks,
Looking at the beautiful world
Drinking in delight, its golden beauty.
“Ah sometimes it should just be nature and me!”

There the beach stretches along
With a thousand hidden pearls
And secrets, well kept.
Its echoing waters call me,
Its waves lick the ground
I look and the blue expands,
Expands… till I can see no more!

There the beggar woman sits
Black eyes, looking out to nothingness
All around her, lives go fast…
Her life is filled with nothing but the past!
She cries and begs for a coin,
The beauty of the world, notwithstanding!

My city, in its shades of green,
Its shades of grays and blues and pink!
In shades of black and brown and more,
Stretches ahead on my road.

I see it now; I’ve seen it before,
Yet, it’s got something new in store.
Every time, a jolt of pain, a bloom of joy,
Life here makes you laugh and cry!

I look on outside, at the cityscape,
Tall buildings, hut, sun and rain!


Harish said...

and even as i watched, a maami
was carried away by a tsunami

see, this line would have cinched it!

Archana Ramesh said...

Nice... Good to find you here.. will add you on orkut

Anonymous said...

good job keep it up

harish, poda benami :-))

Vani Viswanathan said...

lol at harish's comment...
and sandhya, i must say this isn't one of your best poems! you surely do write better, da!

Vinesh said...

I will give you an award for this poem! :-) If it means anything to you :-)

Raghuveeran said...

only u must paint chennai in green ,in which prt of city u r able 2 c green shadows.

use some rhyming instances in ur future works!

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