June 15, 2005


To my dear Pompo and ‘girl-with-the-pretty-teeth’, all the best for your exams.There is nothing you both can’t do! You guys, trust me, you have it in you! I’ll pray for you. You’ve dreamt for long… and now God will make them bloom true. Just hope and pray and work hard. Be positive. Be confident. Know your abilities and trust yourself. We’re all with you. Do well dears. We’ll miss you. But if you’ll be happy, we’re too…

Best of Luck!
Joy and victory awaits you…


Anonymous said...

peeped into the archives. lot of interesting materials there.
enjoyed the post on your dad's fixation with fixing radios.
i'm also a fan of Nirmal, Gangadhar, Gowri Ram, Anuradhi Khati Rajeevan, etc.. Have you read her husband V.Ramnarayan's writings? they are very enjoyable too. Have you read Raju Bharatan? I enjoy his minimum 50-puns-an-article writings though some people get headaches!
am a ex-lover of tinkle and current-hater...Anant Pai is an overpricing dacoit!
Have bunched up 101 articles of V.Ram and Raju into a word doc.
Vijay Lokapally and S.Dinakar dont have the class of Nirmal or S.Thyagarajan. Love Thyagarajan's alliterations which unmistakeably appear in the first paragraph of every article("Displaying exuberance, enthusiasm and enterprise last evening, India beat Pakistan in an evanescent display of hockey...")

Sandhya Ramachandran said...

Well well,never seen anyone so interested in reading my artisles so far except vani and harish! Thanks so much *. So who is this person so interested in my writing?Thanks ever so much. For a blogger, who does not get many comments, you are a constant encouragement!

Well,Frankly, I don't really like Raju Bharathan! Somehow,he does give me a headache. But a few of his articles are really good! Do mail me the 101 articles.would make an interesting read.
Nirmal is mindblowing. S.Thyagarajan, I haven't read many. Will definitely be on the look out. Thanks so much anyway and do tell me about yourself.

Anonymous said...

no, no i dont read all of your articles like some of ur girly prattles :) only the ones that are different.
Good to know you are a fan of the Hindu style of journalism. I am no journo but one thing I learnt from The Hindu - A good writer leaves a lasting impression on the subject in the mind of the reader. A sucky writer leaves a lasting impression about himself, his tastes and dislikes. An example: Though Nirmal Shekhar has been writing for Hindu since 1981(i've been reading since '87), till 1999 I always wondered if he was a teen or a middleaged guy or a doddering old man? a man or a woman? a chennaiite or a northie? a hindu or a christian? It was only when he mentioned being a collegian in 1974 that I cud guess something about him! Thats where the Hindu is a class apart from other wannabe papers.

I also like Prem Panicker(have bunched his stuff into a 300 page document). Will upload all of these somewhere and let u know. This is one article which I cant forget: http://www.rediff.com/sports/2000/sep/26india.htm

Used to tell my friend, 'Wish I had an english class in school with Nirmal Shekhar for poetry, Thyagarajan for composition, R.Mohan for grammar and Raju Bharatan for prose, I will sit back and enjoy all the pun(Fun intended!)'

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