June 02, 2005


The results are out again…no dummy, not my exam results. Haven’t even finished writing them! [P.S. God Save me!]

I’m talking about the 10 and 12 CBSE results. Yet again Chennai leads the country in its pass percentage and the female intelligence outwitted the male counterparts by a good margin. I declare I am nigh proud to be a girl student with CBSE background from Chennai. Ah… that makes me the best… ain’t it?

Well, in all this joy, I wonder how much, these things called exams, actually gauge a person’s skills and how such a system snuffs many a happiness out!
My CBSE education has covered a lot of basic stuff- things that can be applied in day-to-day life- and a lot of super-extraordinary genius stuff (crap!!!)- Like complex equations and geeky theories that made no sense to me and still don’t! I’ve spent hours figuring out both kinds of stuff- for the CBSE believes in “understanding and learning”. And when I fight a losing battle with those tough chapters, I’ve tried cramming them up- for we students of CBSE believe- “if you don’t get it, don’t fight it, just mug it!”

Sadly, not oriented to mugging, I’ve never managed to remember anything learnt by rote... But that’s not my point. What have quantum theories, redox equations and loci, learnt to its minutest details, got to do with what I’m reading now- theory and history of architecture, design fundamentals and auto CAD? Agreed that everything learnt in the basic level definitely is useful. As in, I still do have a few chemical equations, stress-strain data and stuff; but in much lesser a quantity than what I’ve studied all through!
Now where exactly is the point of reading so much of Physics, Chemistry when architecture has so less of it?

Shouldn’t our system- CBSE, state, ISC or whatever- be revamped in such a way that it teaches you the basics of a lot of things but does not go into such mind-boggling details that
One-confuse you, jumble you and leave you worse than ever.
Two-are in no way related to the crap dished out at you later.

Come on, my brain is as small as my hand and does the poor thing need to be stuffed with the details that it neither likes, desires or requires? Schrödinger’s equation is total nonsense to a literature student. She needs Shakespeare and Shelley. So what present day requires is a system that teaches the basics till tenth and specialized and refined higher studies in the last two years of schooling.

Now here’s my well-pondered over theory…

Till tenth…

Subjects taught-

Mathematics,English,Physics,Chemistry,Biology,History,Geography,Civics,Economics,Languages and computers; with a little Arts, physical and health education and Work Experience thrown in.

Subject content/ Course of Study:

*Be more application oriented.
*Have live demos, videos, slides- a little info-tainment. Research has proved that using visual media while teaching increases memory retention span.
*Introduce individual and group projects, industrial visits, vocational training, seminars, mock interviews, etc to enhance total understanding.*Teach that which is essential to understand the human body, its functioning, his socio-personal relationship, working of the society, our chemical, physical, technical, artistic and biological worlds- to the extent we come in contact with and that which can be comprehended.

Eleventh, Twelfth:

Subjects taught-
Have many options and choices regarding course of study.
For example, for my course, I would suggest this:
Course study for Architecture-
*World History with special stress on Architecture (civilization, ancient and modern forms of architecture and society, lifestyles, modern preferences, etc)
*Building materials and construction (various available materials, properties, costs, different buildings, structural elements)
*practical design fundamentals (in eleventh) and core (in twelfth) (where you should get to design clothes, jewellery, pots and stuff! Ooh… Interesting!),
*Art appreciation, creatve skills and drawing (includes painting, theatre, music, writing and dance for all-round development of creativity, 3-D modeling, engineering drawing, perspectives, etc)
*structural engineering- basics (strength of materials, mechanics of structures)
* Architectural theories, concepts and terminology (introduction to concepts like-colour, proportion, rhythm, climatology, acoustics, etc)
Six essential subjects which will get you prepared for your course and get you to begin learning the nuances of the trade.

Subject content/ course of study:

*Internship for a month- both the years- to work at and study an architect’s office
*Painting Workshops
*Tribal Arts
*Visits to places of architectural/ artistic/ cultural significance
*Traditional arts and architectural styles
*visits to contemporary and ancient arts
*Study of lifestyles of people, their pattern, behavior, skills, special requirements, creating an inclusive society (where differently abled people live comfortably, making use of all amenities without difficulty)
*People skills to be learnt through interaction with society
* Other methods employed earlier to be followed.

It might have been bloody boring to read but be happy that you gave me the satisfaction of having read it! I’ve been wanting to spit all this out!!!

I tell you, I really enjoyed thinking all this up and I’m sure people who really get to read such stuff would be more than thrilled. Ultimately our intellectual and monetary growth is what results from this. Just give it a thought and tell me your views…


Kaps said...

Excellent thoughts. Maybe you should send this to our President and something might come out of it.

Harish said...

echoochme, small doubt.

"So what present day requires is a system that teaches the basics till tenth and specialized and refined higher studies in the last two years of schooling."

so this means the kids shud have decided what to do in life by 10th? This means the schools need to have more streams (AND teachers) than just Comp Sci, Bio and Commerce?

Do away with school altogether, I say! :P

Prathamesh said...

I dont agree with you as far as making education application oriented.Because that would be doing grave injustice to those intrested in pursuing research/acedemic careers in core sciences and humanities and further weaken essential fundamental grouding in subjects.Infact rather the approach should be modified to make pursuit of knowledge(which is essentialy theoretical) as an end in itself.

Sandhya Ramachandran said...

Well, kaps- Thankee... I would love to!!! These things have been running in my mind for a long time.
Curses... Well,when one can decide about somany other Vetti things in life, why not about the future?
Prathamesh... Well, glad you put forth your view! That's exactly wat i'm trying to telltoo. If you DON"t wanna do research,don'tstudy the crap. If you want to, choose it! Get the point?

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