April 21, 2005

My Woes…

I know God has always been extra special nice to me! But well, there are times when, even if everything goes right, you fell like just ‘crib crib crib’! *Sigh*
I am doing my favourite course, just that this sem isn’t as interesting as the one that just whizzed by! We are designing toilets for th disabled and started a snack bar design. Good and hallenging, yes. But somehow an undefinable laziness has crept into my system that somehow seems to quell all rising interest in work. Lazy bones is too light a word to describe the otherwise active me, these days.
If work seemed boring, college seems more so! Walk for 15 mins to my bus stop, wait for my bus, travel for an hour and half! Sigh again! The only parts I enjoy are when I behold my ‘faeryland’- a very beautiful lake on the way to my college, all bathed in morning glory and the late evening sun. Nothing seems to excite me. I looooong for my old friends. Most of them are coming… including fellow blogger Vani! Ah… I can look forward to some joy.
My eye throb stops, comes back, stops and comes again to exasperate, irritate and terrify me. No luck seems to come my way…yet! Maybe Dame Luck’s jet developed a snag and she’s just around the corner. Let’s see…
To top it all, I’ve got this heat boil in my face which simply is HORRIBLE (in font size infinity)! It is placed above my upper lip and every time I sweat, I accidentally hit it and ouch… it pains. To add fuel to the already burning fire(in every sense of the word!), my dear friend Shabnam- the only soul in the world who compliments me often enough to make me believe I am almost good-looking, sweetly tells me, “ your heat boil suits your face.” My dear darling, it doesn’t and never will! Oh go away you pesky interfering thing!!!
Pending books- The Da vinci Code( second time), The Partner by John Grisham( first), Jonathan Livingston seagull by Richard Bach(second), Music Machine by Bill Stoddard( first), Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe( second) and The Scarlet Letter( first)- all begun and in different stages of reading. I have to start the Harry Potter marathon reading soon… my heart CRAVES to read them! To top it all, tomorrow, I plan to go to Higginbothams to pick more books! Phew!!!
Exams- the dread of every student. My trial by fire starts May 27 and I swear I haven’t studied anything except in one subject where I’m so prepared that I could write it now! Talk of extremities!
Cell- my friend, my foe and the object with which I share a love-hate relationship! It helps me contact my friends at the speed of thought and at the same time makes me so bloody distracted in life! God, sometimes I wish we never had one and at others, ah… I couldn’t ask for better!
Harry Potter 6- well amma of mine, please don’t read this. She thinks I am obsessed with the book even before it is released, and amma, sadly, you are right! I think of it every waking hour and wish I could read it before everybody does!I love that book man! It taught me struggle, victory, courage, bravery, trust and friendship and I value it very highly. I oh-so-want to read the book within two weeks of its release… when it’s still fresh and exciting and when spoil sports in life have still not let out the exciting parts of the wonderful creation from Joanne Kathleen Rowling’s bowels of imagination! Hey J.K.R, are you reading? I would like a free copy please…
Well well… I just poured out my woes and weeps! Now I feel a wee bit better! All self-created troubles that can easily be solved. But kya kare, control hi nahi hota!


Harish said...

Am I to take all that Harry potter ranting as a subtle hint? :)

Vani Viswanathan said...

chill friendi...
ivalo tension for what? when do those exams get over, btw? n i really need to catch up with a lot of books la!

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