January 26, 2005


We used the cell a year ago for some important purposes and began again this New Year. What was initially thought as a nuisance, by me, now has become an extension of my arm.
Oh god… you must hear my grand father YELL at me when I keep messaging people throughout the day.
It goes like this…(ha at last I’ve got off my writer’s block and am continuing in my natural style!!!Yipee!)
Place:Early morning… around 5:45 a.m.
Scene: The Living Room… near the landline, in a pink( yes Prabz… if you were wondering, why everything associated with me is pink… well you are wondering right!Its SUCH a ‘girly’ colour and I’m in love with it outright!!!) yeah… in a pink cute cell holder that my friend Vani gifted, the 10 cm wonder lies sleeping. I go, pick it up tenderly, with immense affection and reverence… “my dear dear thing, wake up,” I slowly make it rise. It rises and flashes…
“Sandy and Swe” (Coz that’s our welcome name)
INA Airtel( I prefer Hutch but got Airtel for heavens know why!!!)
Anne( That’s my profile.Actually, this is my mom’s cell but well, me and my sis are the meddlers!!!What are kids for anyways?)
(If you were wondering what that was, well supposed to be Mouna Ragam tune which happens to be today’s message tone. You see, I change it every day…er… every other second, much to my mom’s annoyance)
1 message received.
Oh… it goes on from the time I switch it on.
Reason? My classmates and I LOVE messaging each other. We clear our doubts over SMS. We girls decide if it’s safe enough to wear jeans or ,in other words, if our seniors will come.( Hush… Ragging is prohibited across Chennai colleges. But ‘ORIENTATION’ is fine!!!)

Call it whatever you want… Short Messaging service or Smart Messaging Service( as I call it!)… rules the world.
From “Hey I am home…” on normal days to “Overa?How many chapters left? I AM FREAKING!!!Aiyo examsai yaar avadhu oyichu kattunga.Paagal ho rahi hoon main ITNA padke.” on exam days, our SMSes carry all possible things on the planet.Add to this my duty… ok, nobody allotted this to me,I took it up myself… to send riddles everyday to a select 5( coz the others majorly yell if I send it to them) and bingo, you guessed it right, I’m messaging almost 24/7.
Ok… not SO bad, but yes…BAD.
Forwards, picture messages, reminders for pending work, requests, pleadings, scoldings, screamings, wishes etc… phew my hands are full!!!(Yeah, how else would it be if you manage to eat and message and read for your exams SIMULTANEOUSLY?)

Ring tones…ah man’s gift to man. I’m this crazy ring tone fan. Sadly at the same time, I get VERRRY attached to the old ones and it breaks my heart to replace them. For a whole SIX months, I refused to replace our collection of ‘Ennakoru Girlfriend’, ‘Mouna Raagam’, ‘Mission Impossible’, ‘Ennai Konjam Matri’, ‘Uyirin Uyire’, “Airtel’ and ‘Minnale’.
Then somehow, my cousin and my sister convinced me and I replaced ‘Girlfriend’, ‘Ennai…’, ‘Uyirin’ with ‘Yun Hi Chala’, ‘Backstreet Boys-Get Down’ and ‘Punnagai Mannan’. (Plans for getting ‘Main aisa Kyoon hoon’, ‘Pehla Nashaa’ are playing on my mind.)
Ah… it’s so nice to hear that minute thing- buzz, beep, sing and vibrate to bring a dear one’s distant voice or a frantic friend’s call.
No…I’m not drifting off into writing about that immortal movie, but talking about how, most of the times, our cell drifts off into ‘Mouna Ragam’.
Yeah… ppl in the house get irritated( with a capital I) when my friends message to ask me how much I’ve finished in my design workshop or what more of the portions is left to be studied.So the poor lovely grey NOKIA 3315 stays quiet and calm and quivers… oh so slightly… to announce the arrival of a message.
It is a blessing and a bane. Many a times, I’ve missed calls because of that. But,it’s ok, as long as I’m not given a ‘SWITCH OFF THE DARNED THING.IT”S A NUISANCE’ screaming.
Jokes… Ha I simply love the nice and insulting ones. Chain messages… I religiously send it to ALL.
It’s fun… using the cell. It connects you with every one. It’s just a button away… call, receive, message, play and simply go haywire. And the last one is exactly what I go. From the second I come home till the second before I switch it off, the cell keeps me busy or rather…I keep my cell busy.
Its such a nice world out there… a fast-paced one,yes… but still a nice dear one, that I NEVER wanna let go.
Ok… b4 I go, I jus thot I shld share my fav SMSes wid u all.
Here gos…
“Koi aankhon aankhon se baat karleta hain
Koi ankhon ankhon mein mulaqat karleta hai,
Bada mushkil hota hain jawaab dena,
Jab koi khamosh rehkar sawaal kar leta hain.”

U need joy
U need a friend
U need peace
U need help
U need cash

A professor wrote…” woman without her man is nothing”, and asked students to punctuate it correctly.
Boys wrote:
“Woman, without her man, is nothing.”
Girls wrote:
“Woman!Without her, man is nothing.”


Don’t Drink and drive…U might hit a bump and spill ur drink…

Pledge of Boys:-
India is our nation…
Girls r our destination…
Dating is our occupation…
Flirting is our profession…
And to hell wid education…

Ifyou feel a little dizzy, a lot bored, a little sick, all lost, a little sad, I think I know wats wrong.
U r suffering from a lack of

When you feel alone, just look at the spaces between ur fingers…
Remember in those spaces, u would find my fingers locked with urs forever.

The Human brain is the most outstanding thing-
It functions 24 hrs, 365 days…
It fns right 4m the time u r born…

Ah… I have more… but whattu do… somebody is calling me.
Beep beep!!!


Harish said...

Gotta get my mom to read this! She thinks I'm addicted to my cellphone. (And though I hate it to admit it, I guess she's right!)

But at least she'll know I'm not the only one addicted! :)

And doubt doubt!! You say u've got Airtel.. and u message 24/7.. Airtel-la free messaging-a? Enakku therinju Students Pack-la mattum thaan irukku.

Sandhya Ramachandran said...

yeah... It's student's pack only!!! :)
So... did ur mom like the blog?

Twin-Gemini said...

In my last visit to Madras, my cousin (who is doing her BE) was always with the phone SMSing people. At times, I was annoyed at seeing it, but I can understand now. No wonder my company is investing so much to get a good market share in India.

Harish said...

nakkala? :)

My folks see red jus to see me at the comp. Idhula if I make them sit and read something that totally contradicts their views and supports mine, I might as well start searching for a new place to stay!

Vani Viswanathan said...

ha sandy..
thanx for putting my pink whatever it is to good use! anyways, thats an obsession i share too...and i feel so odd if that damned thing doesn't ring for an hour!(sadly, today is one of those days!)

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