January 21, 2005


We, the lucky ones who do Architecture, get to read a subject called ‘Art Appreciation’,sadly, for just one semester.
And… oh that one semester is gone and over… no more of that splendid subject called Art Appreciation!
So guys, I decided I would blog on it…
Art Appreciation deals with the various forms of art, i.e. visual and temporal art- its sub sections- painting, theatre, music, dance, architecture, etc.
We learn about the origin of art- from the Magdalenian Cave Art ( no… no connection with the Mary Magdalene of The Da Vinci Code) , Indus Valley Art, etc.We also travel behind time, to know about the Art movements that arouse and sunk. We learn a bit about contemporary artists too.
The works of renowned artists also come under our area of study. We get to know the nuances behind the works that art aficionados keep talking about. Da Vinci, Picasso, Michaelangelo, et al… we get to know the history of their lives and works.You’ll find out that you, personally, may not like a Vinci’s works at all! Personally, I am not a Picasso fan and like only his ‘Guernica’. My personal favourite…Salvador Dali’s ‘Persistence of Memory’- Surrealism
Da Vinci’s works,
Edvard Munch’s ‘The Scream’- Expressionism
The Platform Piece by Kevin Artherton( in the Brixton Railway station)- Statuary
M.F.Hussain’s ‘Ganesha’ series
The Bronze Nataraja statue

An interesting and arresting subject, I bid adieu to day before yesterday. *sigh*

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Suderman said...

Just to let ya know Im reading ur stuff and keep up the good work!
And how are exams going?
Cheers to that!

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