November 25, 2004

Why do I write?

Now that I think of it, yeah…why do I write? I’ve just heard someone call me ‘weird’ because I’m such a compulsive scribbler that I write even on the rickety long journeys to college.
Ah yes…why AM I obsessed with writing? Why should I? For whom? Am I achieving something by it or is somebody else gaining anything? Where’s the purpose?
Oh…for that matter, why should anybody write? To communicate information, yes.But then why do we pen down our expressions, feelings and emotions? To give them a vent, what else, you might ask. But there is something more, I feel.
Before you decide to pounce on me and yell, “Hey Sandhya wassup with you? Why this philosophical and questioning stand?” here I begin to answer my own questions…
Maybe we write because there is some sort of a duty to leave memories behind us. It is not just expressing but expressing with a purpose so that years later your posterity could look through those leaves and see and feel you alive, for maybe fleeing moments!
So one could say that people write to live beyond their years.To live again and again and again-everytime somebody reads you. They hear your pleas, revel in your pleasures-they FIND and REDISCOVER you.
You write to keep you balanced. Or let me put it this way-I write to be stable. If I don’t write out, I’m all excited, frantic, impulsive and so untamed and wild. Something surges deep within me-a passion to let out an uncivilized part of me. Letting it out on paper makes me calm and also seems to be a better option!
Why else do we write? To richen somebody with something beautiful that you could capture through the right words but which the- after some mighty struggle, couldn’t, and were dying to express. You help others by writing.
Writing is magic-with the right words! You actually charm the reader, intoxicate them and put them in a trance. They are hypnotized by its power that they blindly follow it.
Ah…we write to be ourselves. Some people NEED to write because it is their basic need. Like…we need to eat, we need to sleep and so, we need to write. Just that. No other reasons why!
I know I really haven’t conveyed anything now, but then I needed to write something. But well…why?


BZ said...

Hey Sandhya :)
Just stumbled by your blog. Really liked it.
Why do we write? :)
Well, for me, I need a vent. I dont aspire to become a writer. I dont want to use difficult words and uncommon phrases when I write. I dont write to win a prize. I write to express myself.
Most of the times, I dont even read it the second time what I have written. :))
I guess that is bad.. dont know!

Nice to know you.

Harish said...

Psst Sandhya..
try to get ur links section under ur Archives section(above the "powered by blogger" thingy).

and the code is
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(I had to add the spaces to get this displayed here.. remove all the spaces except between h2 and class.)

All the best w/ ur Add-ons :)

Prabz said...

Oh Man.. I am NOT hynotised with that writing!! :) ...
I second Harish ;)

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