November 04, 2004


There is so much in a sigh! The deep feelings that simmer in happiness-their only let out is in a sigh. That moment you clinch glory and come face-to-face with ‘Ultimate Bliss’-oh- such feelings of supreme happiness are expressible only through a sigh of delight!
The dejections, the despair, the deep-rooted sorrow and the dark hours of grief- how can one give vent to such pangs of pain if not through a sigh? A sigh is poetry in motion and so shall it remain for all those who know how great it is (which unfortunately are very few!)
There is sheer delight in sighing for sighing’s sake! Well no…I’m posing no enigma requiring intense scientific research! A sigh is an exhilarating, out-of-the-world experience. The deep gush of air that rush out of the nostrils in a whirl- that is what I call ‘heavenly’.
Well, not many people would agree that sighing is god’s most supreme gift of expression to mankind-for one-my family (and so I suspect, do all families of the’Sighers’ Club!). ‘Unnecessary inclusion’, ‘Unnatural exhaustion’, and ‘Unprecedented nonsense’- all the ‘un-’ words roll out! Oh, but not all can know the joy and pain in just a sigh, can they?
There is so much in sighing- so much ecstasy captured, sadness drowned and beauty trapped! But the anti-sighing committee WILL object to these. Sad, it is, to be a sigher today! One cannot have but two sides to a coin, can one?
…Oh! There I go again!


Suderman said...

Good work Sandhya...keep on blogging... Ill add a link to ur site from my site and let ppl know about ur blog... but keep updating it regularly!

harmony said...

i realize you wrote this years ago- but i wanted to comment on your sighing blog. i was googling sighing and ecstasy because i have noticed that i sigh A LOT and it feels very meaningful. it's not depression and it's not that i am out of breathe (as some seem to suggest)- it's as though i am in a state of bliss and i just need to sigh to feel the air rush out of my lungs. it's very weird. anyhow- i enjoyed your blog :) so thanks!

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