November 04, 2004

Random Ramblings

Grey dreams are spun by the sky and a heavenly light enlightens mankind in a silent-sweet way.A slow lulling breeze evokes to the mind,the pleasantries of the past.A distant gleam of gold across the western sky is the only remnant of the sunset!
The sky is a dark velvetty carpet spread for the troop of stars.The benign moon and her silvery grace will soon splutter across the sky,the silvery moonbeams; and the stars will arise to guard her on their night vigil.
The world will soon be aglow in the mist of silver.It will revel in its pleasure and remember once more-the sweet little nothings of the past that has spread across life,a soft glow of perinneal joy.The world will renenw its silent promise to God to keep trust in Him and on Life.
“Joy be to the world.
Joy be to Man.”

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plz plz upload it if nyone get it by chance.

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