November 02, 2004


Techno savvy, self-conscious, career oriented- that is modern youth for you.
Motivating, helping and aiding- those are the parents of today.
Do things seem too good to be true? Look again…
“Spaghetti Straps” “Sari”
“Pizzas” “Pakoras”
“Discos” “Dandiya”
There begins the Mahabharatha-Part II (Doordarshan, take heed!). Generation Gap- a reality that strikes one on the face.
“Old Order Changeth to the new”. Or…does it???Steeped in superstition, the chachis, dadis, thathas and mamas refuse to accept how much of change has washed the shores of life. Tradition- the only obsession with the old people (other than devouring Ekta Kapoor’s saas-bahu kathas. If you were wondering when between those endless kathas they find time, then remember there are things called breaks-long breaks).
“It’s the hip-hop era. Time to be khewl (hey you English geniuses- this is how you spell it now!). Time to be rockin’, jivin’ and enjoyin’,”the youth feel.
“Oh, keep omitting the ‘g’s, if you please! But DO respect our culture,” the oldies reply.
Infinite rings appear on the ears (while the ears perform the disappearing act!), bandannas are looped around the heads, tatoos on the gym-trained muscular arms and on goodness knows where else, scarves tied fashionably over the tattered fading jeans (as the scarves seem to serve no other purpose. Oh where is winter-only hot hotter and hottest!)
and every youngster possesses a flashing cell that blares this-morning-released song as a ring tone to announce ‘Mr. Sitting to the right’s SMS!
“Old is Gold-yes…even now! This slips out of their brains. New fashion, latest gadgets, ishtylish food, makeovers oh the words they use to describe ‘their kinda stuff’- obnoxious is the word!” the parents yell off.
All the youth want is change and variety every other hour. All is new and also heavy on the purse! Gen. Now forgets that experience does teach over the graying years (and balding around the ears!?!).
Generation gap-whatever one says- does exist and will do until everyone stops to think that they are the only ones right, round here. Give and take respect and love- easy to preach but, as always, difficult to practice (then why preach at all, you might ask. But…well…you know…oh forget it!). After all life without arguments is definitely dull and boring.
“Pencil Heels” “Chappals”
“Reggae and rock” “Ghazals”
“DVD’s” “Cassettes”
Ah well…the argument continues…

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